Overall Objectives

To contribute in the curb of crime and corruption to better the life of the people in Nigeria and world at large.

To protect the Human rights of the people and manage conflicts for peaceful co-existence and improve quality of life.


 A Society where respect to human Rights, peaceful co-existence and quality livelihood for the poor and less privileged abound.


To develop innovative strategies/ideas and mobilize the people for collective efforts in making the society a better one.

ASBESOC is a wholly Non-governmental Organisation (NGO) with her cardinal target of protecting peoples’ Human Rights, Conflicts Management /Resolution and keeping security surveillance within the rural communities with the help of volunteers.


Association for a Better Society (ASBESOC) was founded in the year 1999 to help curb vices that course unhealthy environment to human beings and to help improve their living standard. This body is registered with Federal Republic of Nigeria, under the Corporate affairs Commission (CAC) with RC: 22526. And she partners with government agencies to enhance her works.


This body presently has over 700 members scattered within the States of Nigeria and beyond that are promoting her works, especially on peace building and human capital development through Volunteer Peace Advocates (V-PAD) project and this project has a programme that encourages her members through providing monthly incomes and establishing discount stores in the communities, streets and clusters.