Consolidated Business Thrift and Loans

AYEN is a project of Association for a Better Society (ASBESOC) Nigeria, a wholly Non-governmental Organisation (NGO), which was introduced and inaugurated in Abor Town of Udi Local Government Area of Enugu State, Nigeria by the Hon. Commissioner, Enugu State Ministry of Agriculture in the year 2003. This project was designed to help curb unemployment, poverty, hunger and Crime through youth participation in activities that builds their capacity on fundraising to support their economic empowerment.

It was designed to avail economic empowerment opportunities to the youth and build their capacity on self reliance and entrepreneurship development for self sufficiency. This organisation was partnering with Enugu State Small and Medium Enterprise Development Centre (SMEC), Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN), Enugu State Ministry of Youth and Sports, Enugu State Ministry of Agriculture to ensure achievement of its targeted goals.

This is design to operate in clusters, Institutions and communities etc. by mobilization of the youth to begin to intervene in activities that will empower them economically. Some of these activities are;


  1. Agricultural productions for income making
  2. Thrift for entrepreneurship Development/ Start UPs
  3. Information Dissemination on job opportunities
  4. Sports development for income making
  5. Skill acquisition for economic empowerment
  6. Education support for skill development
  7. Anti-Corruption for improve quality standard of living of the citizens
  8. Fundraising for financial sufficiency

All these are intended to be achieved through regular meetings of the youths to brainstorm, share information and ideas that will trigger their empowerment and to create a fund that will be supporting their activities through the government at all levels, donor agencies, philanthropist, Corporate Social Responsibility of the private sectors. This fund will be used to encourage skill acquisition, Education and provide soft/micro loan for start ups with good/sellable proposals.

Overall Objective

To create an innovative forum that will bring together all the youth to begin thinking above the board towards activities that will trigger their economic empowerment and to raise resources as a group for the general wellbeing/benefit of all the youth.