Consolidated Business Thrift and Loans

Volunteer Peace Advocates (V-PAD) is a project of Association for a Better Society (ASBESOC) Nigeria, a registered Non-governmental organization. We introduced this project to support Governments’ efforts towards ensuring Human Rights Protection and Awareness, Crime Reduction, Conflict Resolution and Management, Security Surveillance and Human Capital Development as a means of encouraging peace building in our society.


These thematic areas as mentioned above are the problems we believe that if properly handled will enhance peaceful co-existence of Nigerians. We observed that the key factor that trigger other problems is economic empowerment and many people need that in Nigeria. We then deemed it necessary to introduce what we called CONSOLIDATED BUSINESS THRIFT AND LOANS.


In this programme we can pay people monthly income with the support of establishing Discount Stores for the business that will be bringing income that will be shared to subscribers and to make the income more reasonable the subscribers have to be contributing (Thrift) monthly for the qualified earning group. And as they qualify to earn others will be contributing to them.


The Contribution (thrift) aspect of the programme is where every member pays N2,000.00 monthly, which 70% of the contribution will go for savings to expand the Discount Stores, but will be invested after one year. While 30% of the contributions monthly will be used to augment/support the monthly income payment for earners to earn reasonably. We intend to establish these Discount Stores where consumable goods will be sold at the cheapest price in every community, Clusters, Institutions, Street, etc. we plan it to look like a mini shoprite and all sales and activities displayed in our website,


At the end of every month, we all subscribers will have meeting where they give approvals for withdrawals of money from their account which they opened by themselves and have report from the discount stores and subscription to know the actual income they will earn at that month. This is designed in this manner to carry every subscriber/member along in all financial transactions of the programme and to create a transparent process of handling issues. That is to say, ones an individual subscribes/becomes a member, he/she will be automatically part of management of all activities of the programme.


Ones a member starts to earn income, he /she can take free interest loan for housing, healthcare and Education. A member/subscriber must have participated in the programme for one year before he/she will be eligible to earn income. A member who is still waiting for his/her eligibility to start earning can join mobilization group and get paid monthly, so that he/she can use that to support his/her monthly contribution. The signatories to the Bank Account of this programme are 4 members/subscribers under the development, monitoring and evaluation committee and approval for any withdrawal must be sort from the general house during a general meeting.


Registration to this programme is N1,000.00 and interested individuals can register through our website;  or our Office at No.  9 CIDJAP Street, Ground floor, Behind MTN Office, Uwani, Enugu, Enugu State, Nigeria. Tel; 08037143455