Volunteer Peace Advocates Project (V-PAD)

Focus: Peace Building & Sustenance, Integrity and Entrepreneurship Development


Think Peace: Before doing anything think if that will promote peace

Talk Peace: Before talking, think if what you are about to say will promote peace

Make Peace: when you find people quarrelling, try to mediate to avoid violence

Build Peace: Before doing anything at all ensure that it will not bring trouble in future

This is a project initiated by Association for a Better Society (ASBESOC), a Non-governmental organisation (NGO) in the year 2015, to help curb situations that encourages breach of peace in the society, such as; human rights violation, Conflict, Security threat, Poverty and hunger. We believe that addressing these menaces will bring about peaceful co-existence in Nigeria and society at large. V-PAD is designed to mobilize people who will work as a team to address these issues as mentioned above, with the help of intervening thematic areas listed below:

  1. Human Rights Protection and awareness
  2. Human Capital Development
  3. Security Surveillance
  4. Conflict Management and Resolution

Human Rights: We intervene in cases of abuse and capacity development and awareness/sensitization

Human Capital Development: We initiated what we called consolidated business thrift and Loans (CBTL) which has the capacity of paying monthly income and free interest loan for healthcare, Education and Accommodation to the members of V-PAD

Security Surveillance: We partner with relevant law enforcement agents to curb threats within our environs by reporting to them as a team

Conflict Management and Resolution: we try to sensitize people on the right attitude to peaceful Co-existence and build their capacity on mediation